Abortion and Crime Revisited

Last week I posted on a chapter in Freakanomics about the relationship between abortion and crime rates. While the chapter provides a “user friendly” approach to the results, the chapter does not have much evidence supporting the claims made. The research presented in that paper was based on paper written by Donahue and Levitt. Their … Continue reading

Where have all the Criminals Gone?

In chapter 4 of Freakonomics, Levitt and Dubner discuss the drastic decrease in crime in the early 90s. They go though the basic reasons why people believe that crime has dropped such as increase in imprisonment or new crime laws. What they actually came to find was a correlation between the legalization of abortions, aging … Continue reading

Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child

My research discusses the correlation between aggression and the use of corporal punishment in children. The research stemmed from the Scandinavian view against corporal punishment which I learned of when studyed abroad in Denmark. The Danes were against any sort of corporal punishment which fit my beliefs quite well. The growing concern of bullying in … Continue reading

In Chapter 5 of Poor Economics the authors discuss the reasons behind why families choose to have a lot of children in developing countries. It would make sense that the less money a family had, the fewer children they would conceive but instead the opposite problem has occurred. Banerjee and Duflo offer several possible reasons … Continue reading

Kony 2012

Today I went to a talk on the Republican Party and the primary given by two of my favorite professors on campus. I found it very informative and both individuals had very interesting things to say. I think it is easy to see during election time how screwed up the political system can seem. I … Continue reading

Effects of Corporal Punishment

The more research I do on my topic the more I realize how much information is already out there in regards to parental use of corporal punishment on children. In basically every paper I have read, there has been some link between spanking and aggressive behavior when older. In the following article that I found … Continue reading

Poverty and Education- A positive Approach

In Chapter 4 of Poor Economics, the authors discuss the problem with education for those in poverty. Banerjee and Duflo discover something that goes completely against what we are used to in the way of education. Whereas it seems to be common knowledge that children should  be educated, what the authors found were low attendance … Continue reading

Econ 350 Research

When I was in Denmark last semester, one thing I found quite different was the attitude toward children. Whereas in the US, dealing with children is left up to the parents, Danes tend to have more of a community feel. When it comes to punishment most Danes would never even think about using any sort … Continue reading